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Where Was THIS Captain America My Whole Life?

Where Was THIS Captain America My Whole Life?

A new clip dropped today for Avengers Endgame and it is everything!!  Check it out and my reaction to Captain America!

Where has THIS Captain America in the new Avengers Endgame clip been my whole life?  A new Avengers Endgame clip dropped this morning and seriously ya’ll, it is EVERYTHING!  Yes, we see more of the interaction between Captain Marvel and Thor and that whole scene leading up to their big stare down.  But that was not the highlight of this clip, oh no!  The highlight is what comes directly after that showdown and it involves Captain America.  Take a look at my reaction to the Avengers Endgame clip!

Where Has This Captain America Been My Whole Life?!

Oh Captain America, Mr Goody Pants, I need more of THIS!  I need more of this Captain Foul Mouthed self because I am loving every second of it.  You think the bearded Cap is risky?  Nope, it just doesn’t do it for me.  But this, THIS Captain America I can get behind.  THIS Captain America with his dirty mouth and clean shave is the Captain America I might, quite possibly could like.  So show us more of that dirty little mouth Cap and you may just get a spot on my Funko Pop shelf.

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