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Proof All Cats Are Possessed: A Pet Sematary Movie Review

All Cats Are Possessed: A Pet Sematary Movie Review

You can’t fool me Pet Sematary cat, all cats are possessed.  Check out my Pet Sematary movie review with full video review.

Let me get this clear right from the get-go, I am not a fan of scary movies.  Like I despise scary movies, so you might be surprised that I am giving a review on the new movie.  It is because of the Pet Sematary cat, I admit.  Even the original movie, I had always been so interested in the cat!  I think because they used the cat in all of the Pet Sematary movies as an example of a pet being possessed when buried at the Pet Sematary.  I never bought this plot line though because it is my theory that ALL cats are possessed and I have proof!

All Cats Are Possessed: A Pet Sematary Movie Review

Before we get started where I prove not only is the Pet Sematary cat but all cats are possessed, check out my video movie review!

Can you believe my daughter actually found the movie boring?  I was shocked too!

All Cats Are Possessed: A Pet Sematary Movie Review

Proof Cats Are Possessed

Now let us go over the reasons and proof cats are possessed:

Odd Behavior

One of the first signs of possession is that a person/being starts acting “odd”?  What there is no odder behavior than that of a cat.  I use to say cats have split personalities but I have come to find out it is more.  Example: One second a cat can being loving, wanting to be pet and rubbing up against you and then a split second later the cat turns on you, maybe even biting you and running away acting like it never agreed on the said petting at all.  This is possession folks, there is no other explanation for it.

Night Terrors

Why does a cat seem to sleep all day and be up all night causing trouble?  Possession!  I’ve experience night terrors in my household and they are scary.  One can walk up and scream and pace around the house like a mad man.  I have also seen my cat run around the house and even up walls in the evening like a fire was put under its bottom.  Possession.


If the other two examples did not convince you cats are possessed, this one is SURE to seal the deal.  Have you ever seen a cat coughing up a hairball?  Its body convulses, it makes weird sounds and I once thought I actually saw a cats head spin when it was in its evacuation state.  There is nothing more eerie than watching a cat cough up said ball.  POSESSION.

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