Prince William Cheats Rumors – Twitter Responds

rumors are circulating that prince williams cheats and twitter responds

Rumors are circulating that Prince Williams Cheats on Kate and Twitter and myself are responding! Check it out and my reaction!

This morning I woke up to Prince William trending on Twitter only to find out he was trending because rumors that Prince Williams cheats on Kate were circulating!  Not only are these rumors that Prince William cheats on Kate bad enough but come to find out the rumors involve him cheating on her with her best friend!  Check out my reaction video to the rumors below.

And can ya’ll believe, many people are blaming MEGHAN for the rumors of Prince William cheating!!  While the rumors did start on Twitter, they are saying there is a rift with Harry and William and while some are saying the rift is due to Harry being upset over Williams cheating, others are saying that it is due to Meghan coming between Harry and William and that these rumors are to deflect that.  Does that even make any sense?!?!

Well good ole Twitter sure has weighed in on these rumors of the rumor.  Check it out!

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