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Padmaavat Movie Review – This Beautiful Film Will Mesmerize You

Padmaavat Movie Review

I absolutely have been loving my Bollywood films and I was able to watch the new Padmaavat last weekend and I have a movie review for you!

Padmaavat is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s 16th century poem, an ode to Queen Padmavati.  It was highly controversal, which makes for the bases if a great movie and that is exactly what transpired.  Padmaavat is as visually beautiful as the Queen herself, the music is extraordinary and the story is as unforgettable as the poem itself.  Check out my video movie review below of Padmaavat.

Overall Rating

Padmaavat overall rating gets a 4.5 out of 5.

Padmaavat is set in 1303AD and follows the beautiful Rani Padmavati (Deepika Padukone), who becomes Queen Padmavati  after marrying Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor). Their love story is one you would find in fairy tales, having fallen in love after she accidently shoots him with an arrow.  They led their kingdom with grace and were loved by all.  All was well until the ruthless Sultan King Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), hears of Queen Padmavati’s mesmerizing beauty and he goes to all lengths to even get a glimpse of her.  Even going to war.

The Good

Everything about this film was beautiful, from the cinematography to the costumes, it was visually stunning.  Viewers felt like they were transported to ancient festivities where the women danced in the bright and gorgeous costumes with the Rajput palace grandiose behind them.  The music as you may know, was amazing.  One of my favorite songs was Ghoomar, Deepika Padukone dances to it with such grace.  Above is my song reaction to Ghoomar.

The acting was spot on.  Deepika Padukone WAS Padmaavati and the chemistry between her and Shahid Kapoor seemed effortless.  But it was Ranveer Singh’s role as the evil, monster Sultan Alauddin Khilji which was the most memorable.  Just one look into Singh’s evil eyes and you instant believe he is the monster onscreen.

The Bad

While Padmaavat almost got a perfect rating, I was lost by the plot a bit.  While Singh’s performance was spot on, I grew tired of his monstrous behavior and the fact he vied so much to take the seat as the Sultan, he would put everything on the line for a glimpse at the Queen.  And to follow up on that, King Ratan Singh just angered me.  He had so many chances to end the Sultan evilness but chose honor over his life, Queen and people we swore to protect.  However, this is based off the poem so I can not be too mad about it.  This movie in all is a MUST see, for the visuals alone and everything else is like the cherry on top!

Padmaavat Movie Review

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