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Netflix’s ‘Special’ Series Review

Netflixs Special Series review

Netflix’s ‘Special” series is about a gay man who has cerebral palsy hit last weekend.  Check out my series review!

Netflix new series Special is a funny yet inappropriate story about about a gay man (Ryan played by Ryan O’Connell) who has mild case of cerebral palsy, lives with his mother and recently started an internship writing for an online company.  Along with having cerebral palsy, Ryan was recently hit by a car.  His first day on the job, Ryan speaks about being hit by a car and his cerebral palsy symptoms were mistaken for side effects from the accident.  Ryan hides the fact that he has CP and goes along with the car accident story in hopes of not being treated differently because of his disability.  Check out my YouTube video review below.

Overall Thoughts and Rating

Rating: C+

I thought Special was funny, something a bit different out there in the television space but at the same time I felt a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he continuously made fun of his disability.  At one point even exclaiming “It is hard out there being a Gimp.”  The woman who played the mother got on my nerves a bit but the break out start of the show for me was his co-star Kim (played by Punam Patel).  Kim proclaims herself as an “overweight Mindy Kaling” and writes for the company about body positivity.  Her articles have the highest views in the company, so she has the freedom to quip back snarky comments to the stuck up boss.

If you can get past the awkwardness, I suggest checking out this new Netflix series, it is different and an easy watch with each episode only being around 15 minutes.

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