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Kalank Movie Review – A Bollywood Classic

kalank movie review

The new Bollywood movie Kalank hit theaters April 17th and has been filled with mixed reviews.  Check out my review of Kalank movie!

The first Bollywood trailer I ever watched and reacted to was for the movie Kalank, it is what made me fall in love with Bollywood so I knew I had to go see it when it came to theaters.  Kalank released in theaters last week, April 17th but I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to watch it because I had heard many mixed reviews on it.  The trailers looked WONDERFUL so I was shocked to hear bad reviews, but I needed to find out for myself.  I finally got a chance to check Kalank out last weekend and share my movie review.

Visually Stunning

One thing everyone seems to agree on when discussing the new Bollywood film Kalank is it is visually stunning.  From the costumes to the sets, one can not take their eyes off the screen once the story begins.  Even the more sketchy part of town (Heera Mandi) the streets were spic and span, the colors were vibrant and the vagabonds that accompany the streets were well dressed.  While this may not reflect in a true representation of a rough area in the 1940’s, it made for a pleasant viewing and grandiose world watchers can immerse themselves in.

Love Story With A Twist

Forget the phrase “love triangle”, Kalank is more like a “love rectangle.”  A story of a wife (Satya) who is dying of cancer who sets out to ensure her husband is not left alone when she is gone, she enlists Roop (a young educated woman) to join her household to “get to know” her husband.  While Roop is reluctant, she agrees but only if the husband would also marry her.  The twist comes in when Roop sets out to fulfill her own agenda, taking voice lessons in Heera Mandi and working on an article about the people of that area.  She finds herself growing closer to Zafar, who has demons of his own due to his illegitimate status.

kalank movie review

Plot Twists

One reason I have become completely enthralled in Bollywood films is because of its unpredictable plot twists and Kalank does not lack in this area.  I do not want to give anything away in this review, you can watch all the spoilers in my video review above but lets just say, along with relationships twists, there are also twists on “family ties.”  I mention Zafar being illegitimate, but we may find out where he comes from, who he is related to and it will surprise you!  Along with the plot twists, the ending with leave you stunned.

Overall Rating

Movie rating: 3.5 out of 5

I enjoyed Kalank movie very much.  I thought it was beautiful, had great musical numbers, never a dull moment and kept me on the edge of my seat at the end.  While it may have some holes, not a completely representation of the time and leave us with unanswered questioned, I do not think it took away from the overall enjoyment of the film.  It may have fell flat to the huge blockbuster it was predicted to be, it is still an enjoyable view!

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