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How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

Shazam hit theaters last Friday and movie review buzz has been spreading like wildfire.  But how exactly WILL Shazam fit into the DCU?

I have to admit I was extremely excited for the release of Shazam, the trailers were awesome and left me wanting more and more.  After catching an early screening of it this past week, I left the theaters and challenged anyone to say Shazam was not a good movie.  I loved it, my kids loved it and audiences are professing their love of Shazam as well.  Below is my video Shazam movie review.  Mind you, this review does have spoilers.

How does Shazam Fit into The DCU?

That end credit scene in Shazam though!!  While it had me jumping in my seat like “Whaaaat!!  Superman!!!”  it also had me wondering how exactly Shazam will and can fit into the DCU.  Sure we have other kid like characters such as The Flash we have seen interacting with other DC heroes in Justice League but Shazam IS a kid and the DC world can be a very dark place.  Will he fit in?  Will it even make sense to put him next to other Justice League members? How will Shazam’s entrance change the DCU world?  Lets take a look at a few examples.

How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

Shazam And Wonder Woman

In the comics, Shazam apparently has a little crush on Wonder Woman.  I mean really, who doesn’t have a crush on Wonder Woman but can you imagine when/if Shazam joins The Justice League and is drooling over Wonder Woman the entire time.  The comedy that awaits!  She is also one of the few in the comics that helps train Shazam and help him develop his powers, this should be an interesting match on screen.

How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

Shazam With Batman and Aquaman

One thing I love about Shazam is the light heartedness and silliness of the character.  One thing I love about Batman is his seriousness in every situation.  And Aquaman, well he is a little of both but towards to lean on the serious side.  I can just picture the looks both Aquaman and especially Batman will give when Shazam comes along, with the enormous powers but childish mind.  It is going to be gold, pure gold.

Shazam And The Flash

How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

One expects The Flash and Shazam to hit it off right away, but on the flip side what sort of trouble will these two get into together?  Powers are “cool” and much like Shazam was showing off his powers for money in the new movie, I can see much of this happening when the two get together but instead of money, it will be for pride.

How Shazam Will Fit Into the DCU: Movie Review

Shazam and Superman (Spoiler Alert)

Shazam’s mid credit scene shows us that indeed Shazam will meet up and possibly befriend Superman.  IMAGINE if these two forces unite, these two power houses come together to fight crime no villian can stop them.  I am excited to see what the DC Universe has in store for us and how Shazam will fit into the equation.  If anything, he will give us a fun ride along the way, much like his origin movie.  SHAZAM!

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