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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review – SPOILERS!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review - SPOILERS!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 aired last night on HBO and people have some FEELINGS about it!  Check out my review and recap of last nights episode, with SPOILERS!

After last nights episode of Game of Thrones (season 8 episode 5), social media has been running amuk with complaints on the direction it is taking to end the 8 seasons of the show.  Am I the only one that did not hate last nights episode?!  While fans may not like what happened last night, you can not deny that this is the Game of Thrones we all know and love.  Fans should be use to the gut wrenching twists, turns and its ease with the way it tends to kill off major characters in an untimely way.  Dare I say “Red Wedding”?  Check out my video review below, SPOILER ALERT.

The Beginning Of The Madness

The episode begins with Varys (the guy with no junk and master of spying) writing letters about the news he heard from Tyrion about Jon Snow being the real successor to the throne.  Varys even urges Jon of the importance of him taking the throne because he is starting to see the “turn” of Queen Daenerys.  Tyrion rats him out to Daenerys, which leads to his execution. In the wake of his execution, Varys even suggests how he “hopes he is wrong” of Daenerys her madness.  We too have seen that breaking point of hers when her bestie was beheaded by Cersei in the last episode and this act seems to solidify the fact.

Daenerys Targaryen The Mad Queen

Daenerys Targaryen has always been the heroine in the show, the “breaker of chains”, the powerful yet fair leader.  Now those hopes of a powerful yet fair Queen to take the Iron Throne and rulers of the Seven Kingdoms are lost as she took revenge on not only Cersei but the people of Kings Landing.  Yes I can see why some HATED this episode, we have rooted for Daenerys all these years as we have seen her grow from meek teenager to rightful Ruler!  And those many years of hope were dashed as her Dragon scorched the city and its inhabitants.  We do not know the reason for this movie but what I can say is this is in true Game of Thrones form, a twist we never saw coming.  A twist that has devastated us!  We feel the loss of our heroine into her madness fate and we mourn.

The Deaths

So you wanted some climatic face off with Daenerys and Cersei?  Sure, so did I.  But as Daenerys on a rampage of fire destroying everything in her sight, this just shows how deep into madness she has become.  Sure Cersei being killed was lackluster with Jamie by her side as she is crushed by the falling debris, but we did get a face-off with The Mountain and The Hound and it was glorious!

Don’t Give Up

With the city in ruins, Daenerys done gone crazy and Jon Snow questioning life; the end gives us one shining star and that is Arya riding off on her white horse.  The girl who saved us from the Ice King and is now “fired up” after witnessing and being part of the destruction of Kings Landing.  With one episode left, I say don’t give up now!  I believe in the vision and that no matter who rules the Seven Kingdoms, Game of Thrones is ending exactly like it was suppose to even if we hate every second of it.

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