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Avatar 2 Delayed Once Again – Reactions!

Avatar 2 Delayed Once Again - Reactions!

Today Disney announced their updated movie slate which included yet ANOTHER delay of Avatar 2!  What is taking this movie so long to make?!

It has been 10 years since the first Avatar movie was released and took over the box office being the highest grossing movie ever.  Since then, plans have been in the works for a sequel to the film with it first being talked about to release in 2014 and then delayed until December 2020.  Well today Disney released their newest movie slate with included Avatar 2 being delayed once again with the new date being in 2121!

Why The Delay?

Fans are now starting to wonder what the problem is with getting this sequel out.  We know Disney does not care about chasing the trend of a popular hit and will take their time to create “magic” over racing to the punch so fans will not become disinterested but with all the delays, Disney now NEEDS to produce a hit.  James Cameron does know how to deliver and while some may start to worry, I have faith in his talents and creation!

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